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Whistleblowers: 'We spoke out and lost our jobs' BBC News Article

Rianna Croxford (BBC News) reports, "As MPs and peers call for an overhaul of laws surrounding whistleblowing, a former private school teacher explains why she took the difficult decision to speak out." Katherine and her husband had taught at a boarding school in the south of England for more than two decades until they were forced out for exposing what she calls "systematic exam malpractice". Katherine, not her real name, is one of more than 400 people who gave evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Whistleblowing detailing cases including child sex abuse, financial fraud, bullying, unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Stephen Kerr, the Conservative MP for Stirling who chairs the group, said whistle-blowers must be "treasured" as they are the "first line of defence against crime, corruption and cover-up". Read the full story on:


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john smith
john smith
12 juin 2020

APPG for Whistleblowing is the same as WBUK - one aim self gain. GHH asked my attorney to "please gag him" about me, when I spoke about WBUK not helping me over NHS corspes abuse. Dont look to these jokers for help, you will truly & utterly regret it.

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