"Putting whistleblower protection at the top of the agenda"

~Susan Kramer & Steven Kerr

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All Party Parliamentary Group

All Party Parliamentary Group for Whistleblowing

A Whistleblower is defined as "a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public". These individuals are vulnerable to retaliation for their actions and whilst there are laws in place purposed to protect them, sometimes the laws are not  adequate or effective in their practical application.


The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on  Whistleblowers was set up with the aim to provide stronger protection for whistleblowers.


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Our Promise

Our promise is to work to identify where the law adequately fails to protect whistleblowers and, work with industry experts, whistleblowers, regulators and businesses, to recommend positive, effective and practical proposals for change. We are not only aiming to change the current legislation but also the culture and perception of whistleblowers through the work of this APPG.

Identify. Collaborate. Recommend. Change.

A foreword from our chair Mary Robinson MP.

My election as the Chair of the APPG for Whistleblowing as the Covid-19 crisis hit has further persuaded me of the importance of my role in chairing this All-Party Parliamentary Group to introduce a gold standard, world-class legislation. However, my personal interest in whistleblowing rests in my experience as a constituency MP where I am confronted with whistleblowers who have turned to me as a last resort. I have seen first hand the impact of the failure of organisations to address genuine concerns and their response toward the whistleblower. This is just unacceptable.

Mary Robinson MP, Registered Chair of this APPG

I have agreed with my co-chairs and other members of the APPG a work-plan that allows us to continue the excellent work of my predecessor Stephen Kerr. The secretariat will be organising a further call to evidence so that I can read and hear the experience, views and opinions of whistleblowers and organisations from across all of the sectors. We will continue to interview regulators, professional bodies and trade unions inviting them to share their experience of whistleblowing and encourage their feedback on the proposals put forward in the report for an Office for the Whistleblower. We plan to release a number of short reports this year with some interim findings and a full report next year setting out the conclusions of the call to evidence.

As Parliamentarians, we will be tabling questions to the government and looking for opportunities to schedule debates. We will also be supporting new Bills supporting root and branch reform of existing legislation as part of our commitment to protect whistleblowers. 

I would like to use this opportunity to pay tribute to all front line NHS,  social care and all other essential workers for their commitment and for continuing to speak up when they see wrongdoing. This crisis has shown us all that whistleblowing is more important than ever if we are going to combat not only Covid-19 but crime, corruption and cover-up.


Making Whistleblowing work for Society Report

Our second report is complete! We are very excited to share it with you. 


This report helpfully examines how whistleblowers fare at Employment Tribunals. In 1998, with the implementation of the Public Interest Disclosure Act through the Employment Rights Act, Employment Tribunals became the de facto bearers of justice for whistleblowers. Today, we question whether that is indeed the most appropriate institutional arrangement to, on the one hand redress and deter reprisals against whistleblowers, and on the other hand address the wrongdoing that whistleblowers raise concerns about.


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Our National Whistleblowing survey has LAUNCHED!

The study is being conducted by the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI) at Coventry University in collaboration with WhistleblowersUK and a report will be provided to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Whistleblowing (APPG). 

The aim of this study is to gather evidence from as wide an audience as possible across all sectors with regards to the efficiency of whistleblowing protection in the UK .The results of the survey will also be made available to the public through relevant academic publications. The APPG will assess this report and use the results to inform their recommendations for new legislation that will improve whistleblowers' protection in the UK. These recommendations will be available in an interim APPG report planned for March 2021.  


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